Lizard Control

Lizards carry

bacteria, known as Salmonella


Lizard Control

The presence of Lizards in human houses and around in the premises can become a serious nuisance. House Lizards carry bacteria, known as Salmonella. The urine, saliva or the faeces of the lizard can also spread Salmonella infection among the humans. Persons may vomit and have other problems if the person consumes food or drink, contaminated by a lizard. Lizards can be generally seen in evening or at night.

Diseases transmitted from Lizard:



Campylobacter infection


Treatment for Lizards

Glue Boards/Repellent
Glue boards should be placed near to its hide out and windows. Placing repellent in their path or hideout can be effective to get rid of lizard .

Spraying Treatment
Direct Spray on the spider will work and it dies.