Rodent Control

Rodent and Mice

are generally the ones that do the most damage

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are the largest of the pests you will probably experience in commercial, warehouse, factory or office facilities and are generally the ones that do the most damage. Because their large incisor teeth constantly grow, there is a need to keep them at a manageable length, so they must constantly chew on hard materials such as wood, concrete, electrical wiring, water pipes, computer cables, fabrics etc, to stay alive.

Diseases transmitted by Rodent:




Rat-bite fever


Major Types of Rats :

  • House mouse
  • Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat
  • Bandicoot

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Treatment For Rodent


The premises where baiting is not advisable Glue traps, cages, snap traps are  more effective for capturing rats  and  it will be  effective when placed in runway.


Baits are based on second generation single dose anti-coagulant Bromadiolone. This bait does not require pre baiting and is accepted readily by rats and do not cause secondary poisoning.


Rat guard is the wonderful method for preventing rats to climb up. Normally  roof rats  are  very good climbers  and  it  can climb on cables and  pipelines . Rat guards are fixed on sewer, drainage, CCTV cables and gas pipe lines.