Termite Control


are social insects

Termite Control

Termites, popularly known as White ants are social insects. The silent enemy, termites are posing a potential threat to almost every structure. Termite Infestations frequently occur in a wide range of commercial buildings, including food factories, heavy commercial plants, office complexes, storage and warehouse facilities

The Termites are mainly of three types-

Subterranean termites

Dry wood termites

Damp wood termites.

The termite lives in colonies comprising of

Queen & King

The queen is larger in size and its function is only to lay eggs. She lay thousands of eggs daily and the king attend mating with the queen, both are present in a centre of chamber.

Solders Termites

The function of Soldier termite is to protect the colony from enemies like predators.

Worker Termites

They are blind, work 24 hours, collect food for the colony, repair and new colony formation is done by workers. So for us this caste is damaging caste in termites.

Treatment For Termite

Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

This method is used to treat the termites in the early phase of construction. Once the suspected areas are treated with chemical the termites cannot destroy the property

Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

This method is used once the construction is over. Probably when termites have affected the area then it is best to use this for the treatment of walls, soil & wooden fixture.